“I don’t bring on board and personally work with and coach just anyone who wants to stick their hand up and ask to work with our company.”

I’m at a point in my life where I can afford to be selective and I choose to only work with and mentor those who are open minded, hungry for change, and coachable. If you think that’s you, then regardless of where you are in your life now, I’ll consider working with you.

Why those qualities? Well, because when someone gave me a chance to work with our company ten years ago, I was just a 21 year old broke college kid working at the mall. So I know first hand that your past doesn’t necessarily equal your future.

I wasn’t a superstar at that point in my life by any means, but I was open minded, hungry for change, and very coachable. So I know that that’s literally all it takes to become successful doing what I do. So naturally those are the qualities I tend to look for in people that I choose to work with.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people across the country to change their lives, make more money, and achieve the highest levels of success within our company.

Click the video below to see me in action at one of my seminars and to hear what others have to say about how I’ve helped them.


Warning: My passion for helping others definitely comes out when I’m on stage and you’re going to hear me yelling very intensely.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company I’ve worked with for the past 10 years and how I can help you to supplement your income part-time or replace your income full-time, learning more is as easy as 1,2,3.

1) Click the “Play” icon on the video image below to watch the first one minute video clip.

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3) Drop me a message below letting me know your interest level and we’ll talk more in detail.

After you’re done watching the two videos, message me back by using the form below and let me know what you liked best about what you saw and why you think you’re the type of person that I’d enjoy working with and coaching.

I’ll then get back to you immediately and we’ll discuss the next steps. I’ll also share with you some of the unique online tools and systems I make available to those I choose to work with that gives them a distinct advantage in the market place over everyone else in our company. 😉