play to win

Always Play to Win, Never Play to Keep from Losing!

This short 3:37 video training is based on a quote I came up with a few years ago entitled… “Always Play to Win, Never Play to Keep from Losing.”  In my 11 years of both studying and coaching top achievers one of the biggest trends I’ve found is that average people come to a crossroad or…

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The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

In this video I lay out a simplified and workable formula for achieving any goal in record time! I literally take you around my house to show you real life examples of goals I had, have now achieved, and share with you the sacrifices I made in order to achieve them as well as give you a peak at one of my vision boards.

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MLM Marketing Q and A Training with Hilarious Ending!

This clip was from a Question and Answer Segment of a training Cesar spoke at. This last question was too hilarious to not answer, record, and post. Cesar always works fun jokes into trainings, that’s just how he rolls. 😉

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