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Welcome to Day 8 of this 7 Day Heavy Hitter Boot Camp training series… and yes, you read that correctly, let me explain. When I was blueprinting this boot camp training and the deciding on the types of videos I wanted to include in it, I simply went into my archives and started watching old videos I had filmed, but never edited and uploaded.

Like many artists, what they release to the public is usually only a fraction of what they’ve actually produced. Just think about rappers like Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. They had tons of never before heard songs released long after they each died.

Well anyways, I’m not trying to compare myself to any famous rappers, but what I am saying is that I truthfully have such an extensive stash of never before seen footage to pull from, that the hardest part about creating this training series was choosing which to videos to cut out so that my 7 Day Boot Camp didn’t turn into a 60 Day Boot Camp.

I’d imagine that no matter how great the videos were, you’d probably get sick of me after that many days in a row of getting emails from me. LoL!

When it came down to choosing the last video for day seven, I couldn’t decide between this one and yesterday’s video, so I decided that instead of eliminating one of the two videos from the series I’d just go ahead and give you both and call one of them a BONUS video. =)

So here we are, my indecision has now become your bonus. 😀

So with all that being said…

Here’s your DAY 8 Bonus Video!

In today’s BONUS Video I’m going to share with you the absolute best and worst ways to prospect people. I’m going to do this by reading to you a series of Facebook messages someone sent me who was trying to recruit me into their business.

This person literally did just about everything you could possibly do wrong. This guy tried pressuring me, insulting me, and attacking my company all in an attempt to try to get me to take a look at his business opportunity. Yuk!

Now you’re probably thinking “Wow! That sounds harsh, I’d never do any of that stuff.” While that’s probably true, you’d be surprised how many variations of the mistakes he made when prospecting me, I see others make every single day. Especially when it comes to prospecting people over social media sites like Facebook.

That’s why I chose to film and share this video. I wanted to make sure that you and your team never make the mistakes he made and to highlight what he could have done differently. It’s very important to keep our industry’s reputation clean and free of high pressure approaches like the ones he uses.

One of the best ways to learn how to do something right, is to study those who do it wrong. Take special notice of the tips I give throughout this video on how to properly prospect people for your product, service, or opportunity.

Never EVER Prospect or Recruit Like This!

(For Maximum Effect enlarge this video to full screen and play in HD)

The purpose of this video was clearly not to promote any systems or tools, but because I did mention the MLSP marketing tool in the above video, I figured I’d include the link to the site I mentioned in case you were interested in learning more about it.

Help Me Clean Up Pollution!

I’d regard it as a personal favor it you shared this video and page with others on your team, within your company, and with anyone else you know in our industry. When you do so you’ll be doing your part to help clean up and protect the reputation of our wonderful yet misunderstood industry. You’d be surprised how many people out there, both newbies and veterans alike are unintentionally giving our industry and YOUR company a bad name simply because they’re excited and passionate about what they do, but lack the training on how to properly approach and prospect people. Sharing this video with as many people as possible in our industry will help to educate them on what not to do, which is just as important as teaching people what to do.

Helping to clean up our industry’s reputation also happens to be one of the many reasons I’m so passionate about helping to educate and train people the right ways to build their businesses and why I pump out and provide so much FREE content. If you’re equally passionate about helping people and protecting our industry’s reputation share this training and comment below to let me know that you did, so I know to recognize you.

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