I'll be doing a webinar this upcoming Monday sharing my Cold Market Prospecting Formula. It's going to be a high content high value training.

At the end I'll be giving people the opportunity to pick up Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery course and any of the other courses in the series that they may not have already purchased such as Calling & Closing Mastery & Leadership Mastery.

My question is, should I keep the $200 discount I offered across the board on each course that I gave on the first webinar I did on June 10th which was also the same discount I gave at the Top Earner Academy event I recently spoke at, or should I raise the prices to their regular rate?

You are seeing this because you purchased this course and are one affiliates for it so I'd really value your feedback to help me decide what you think we should offer this for this Monday.

Keep in mind you get to promote this event and make commissions from each of the products in this series that you own. So if you have any guests in attendance they will either get to buy at the same rate as you did or they'll have to pay more according to what the results of this survey are.

So please click your answer below and vote now to help me do what you'd like to see this Monday. =)