Epic Training on Persistence. How bad do you want it?

The next time you’re struggling to achieve a goal remember the video and message below. Every time the skater in this video misses his mark, he experiences pain… actual physical pain, not just mental pain and frustration… although he experiences that too.

However, take notice of his attitude. With each failure he learns, grows, get’s more fired up, more determined, and he gets back up again to give it another try.

All too often in life, we fall down and wind up getting bumped, bruised, or scraped and then we quit. We make excuses and justify quitting by creating stories to make us feel good and saying things to ourselves and others like…

“I tried.” (Clearly not enough times. Just watch the attached video)
“I gave it my all.” (Which is never the case)
“It’s not for me.” (Maybe it was, but you quit before you got good to see if it was)
“I’m an introvert” (What if you could’ve learned to be more outgoing?)
“I’m not a… salesperson, pushy person, entrepreneur, etc.” (You didn’t need to be)
“I don’t know enough people or have the right contacts.” (What if you met them?)

From now on, make a promise to yourself to not do this. Live a life of no excuses and no justifications. Just keep pushing forward until you achieve what you set out to achieve.

Watch this video and remember my words below…

When commitment pays off...

Posted by Extreme on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Always remember that is it’s always too soon to quit and temporary failure doesn’t equal permanent failure, unless you quit and allow it to be.

Nothing of greatness comes without pain, frustration, and sacrifice. Success also tends to be buried right underneath frustration, so if you’re frustrated, then you’re probably close to your breakthrough. So keep pushing forward!

And whenever you’re frustrated and need to put things in perspective remember this video and be thankful that you’re not eating pavement after each failed attempt at hitting your goal like this guy.

You probably have it way easier than him and your failures in business are probably a lot less painful and damaging to your body.

Your friend & coach,

Cesar L. Rodriguez

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