Full Potential- A Quick Tip to Help You Reach Yours!

The message in this 1 minute 23 second video is simple yet very powerful! It’s def a fan favorite.

What is your full potential? Did you ever feel like you were meant for more? Something bigger, better, or maybe just different?

If you’re struggling or have not fully realized your full potential in life this video could contain the reasons why.

Potential Definition-Two Reasons Why You Haven’t Reached Your Full Potential?

In my opinion, there are two reasons why people aren’t where they want to be financially in their lives or why they’re unhappy because they’re living under their full potential. They have not come to understand their full potential!

Either they lack the drive, follow through, or discipline to take advantage of a solid opportunity and to develop it into something that becomes their legacy of success.

It could also be that  they just haven’t yet had an opportunity presented to them so that they could take advantage of it.

What if no one put a basketball in Michael Jordan’s Hands?

Would he have come to understand his full potential? Would we know who he is today? Probably Not.

He had a ton of potential and drive inside him, but without the right vehicle presented to him he might have just been a regular frustrated Joe like most people out there.

If no one had ever come into the GNC store at the mall I worked at 10 years ago and presented me with an opportunity to work with the company I now work with who knows where I’d be today!

It’s a scary thought. But having the opportunity presented to me was only half of the battle.

I had to say “Yes” and I had to make an iron clad commitment to not quit when the going went tough.Well if you’re not where you want to be, perhaps you’re vehicle hasn’t yet arrived.

However, don’t think that you can just sit back and wait for your ship to come in, because the reality is, you’re probably going to have to swim out to it and catch it.

full potentiial

Your Full Potential Isn’t to be POOR!

“POOR” Stands for: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

Reaching your full potential means you are to be prosperous!

Many of you reading this may not have grown up with the belief that you could do, be, or have anything you wanted.

You can change your belief system at any time and write a new story for your life.

We all have one life to live so make it count!

Make sure you’re lack of success in this life isn’t because you turned down every opportunity thrown at you, but rather that you kept trying, and trying, and trying.

Don’t be one of the unfortunate that died before you found your perfect business or OPPORTUNITY. Remember it takes your whole life to fail.

If you’re going to go down, at least go down swinging like a fighter!  😉 Don’t you think it’s time to tap into your “full potential”?

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