Here’s a few ways to Connect with & Contact me

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You’ll notice I ask for your number in that form as well. That’s because there’s a chance that I may reach out to you. I can’t promise I will but what I will promise is that I’m not like some of those untouchable online gurus.

I’m a real person and love people and especially love talking to fans of my work who’s lives I may have touched or businesses who I’ve impacted indirectly through my trainings. So don’t be too surprised if I call you and say “Hey”. I’m all about building relationships and enjoy becoming friends with my fans. =)

Step # 2) Connect with me on the 3 major sites I hang out on.

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Step #3) Take it a step further and reach out to me with a Facebook Message or Email.

I know most people probably won’t take the time to email me personally or message me on Facebook like I recommend you do, but I’ll tell you what… when I was young and first building my business I sought to separate myself from the pack and stand out from the crowd by reaching out to those leaders in my industry that I looked up to and I’d let them know who I was, share with them my story, my “Why” for building my business, and what I was struggling with the most.

I would humbly ask for advice on how to breakthrough my sticking points and I’d act on every piece of advice they’d give me and let them know the results. This was one of my “Secret Weapons” to achieving success.

Well I’m hereby giving you permission to use one of my best techniques on me. =)

Drop me an Email or Facebook Message and let me the following things:

-Who you are

-Your story (short version)

-What company you’re with

-How long you’ve been in your company

-What you’re struggling with the most

-Don’t forget to include your city, state, and phone number so I know how to reach you. (If you’re not in the US, please let me know what country you’re in)

I’m a pretty busy guy and do get a lot of these emails so please be patient with me. I promise I’ll do my best to get back with you by either emailing you, calling you back, or pointing you to a video I’ve made on the subject or resource I have that can help you.

If a video doesn’t exist on it who knows I may make a video just for you and post it up on my YouTube channel or Blog and give you a shout out. =)

You can email me by clicking here –> Email Me or

Facebook Message me by clicking here –> Message Me

P.S. I’m a busy guy, but don’t let that intimidate you. I do love doing stuff like this for my fans. If I didn’t I wouldn’t offer it up. If it takes awhile don’t lose faith I’ll get to it, running all my companies, sales forces, creating cool products, videos, and blogs takes time. Just be patient with me and know that it is okay to follow up on me if you haven’t heard any response within a week or so. =)

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