New App Clubhouse, is going viral. Here’s why…

There’s a new social networking app called Clubhouse: Drop in Audio Chat that’s going viral & taking the world by storm. Usually I don’t get excited about new apps or social media platforms because I already feel like I spend too much time on social media as it is, but after a week of testing this new invite-only platform I’m really liking it.

This Clubhouse app & has come from nowhere to now being the #3 social networking app on the Apple App Store right behind Facebook & Messenger.

BTW, If you’re one of the over a million people who’s already setup an account & you want to follow me my username is: CesarLRodriguez

The way it works is once you login, you can join various “audio chat rooms” & listen in on powerful conversations from your favorite thought leaders & influencers, & celebrities. You can ask questions, network, & share your knowledge in rooms with hundreds or even thousands of listeners. 

You can click the image below to go to the app on the apple app store, but you’ll be on the wait-list before you can use it. I’ll share with how you can get off the wait-list & use it today in a minute… 

But first let’s talk about this app & why I love it. Imagine listening to a live podcast with a dozen of your favorite thought leaders chatting back & forth, sharing knowledge & answering people’s questions, maybe even yours. 

Last night I was in a chat room with Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and about a dozen other multi-millionaires who were all answering listeners questions and delivering a ton of value. It felt like the coolest radio show ever & I got a ton of value.

THERE IS A CATCH. Not everyone can join. I believe it’s currently only for iPhone users & to prevent their servers from crashing from growing too fast, every user can only invite one person… 

However, I believe there’s a work around I’m willing to do to help you since you’re one of my subscribers. If I have the phone number you use to sign up with programmed in my phone I can let you in without using up one of my invites. It’ll look like this on my screen… 

But the scary part about this for me is in order for me to make this manageable, I’m gonna have to give you my cell number to pull this off so that you can text me your contact card. 

I’m willing to do this, BUT ONLY if you agree to only text me one time, today only, & please no back & forth convos unless I instigate it. Just send me your iPhone contact card. 

Also in your text you MUST include your iPhone Contact card so I can add you to my address book with one-click because I definitely DO NOT have to manually type in everyone’s names into my address book. If you don’t know how to create a contact card & text it to me, Google it. 

After you setup a clubhouse account & join the wait-list if you send me your iPhone contact card, I’ll be able to login to clubhouse to accept you. However, if I accept you that means my name is attached to you so if you do anything spammy it can hurt my account standing & reputation. 

So to help you get the most of this app & prevent you from doing something uncool, I’m going to do a private training on this app inside my private Facebook group “The B10xB Movement” tomorrow to show you how to maximize using this app for networking & getting followers. 

Click here to request to join my FB group, if you’re not already a member. I’ll be going live in it tomorrow (Thursday) at 6pm EST, to do a training sharing how to get the most out of this app. 

Okay this is where I give you my cell number. But before you program it or attempt to text me, re-read the directions I gave you in this email VERY CAREFULLY. If I receive a text from you saying “Hi” or anything other than you sending me your iPhone contact card…

You will not get a response & I will most likely also block your number if you send me anything other than your iPhone contact card. I take my time & privacy very seriously & I am trusting you to be coachable & a great follower of directions. My cell: is 910-279-4600

You get one text, one shot. Download the app. Set it up & once you’re on the waitlist, text me your iPhone contact card & I’ll add it & accept you as soon as I get a few minutes. 
our friend & coach,

Cesar L. Rodriguez
Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach

P.S. Once you’re accepted if you want to follow me my username is CesarLRodriguez. You can search for me & follow me by clicking the button + on the top left of the app. If you follow me you’ll be notified of chat rooms I setup or invite you to.

I get no benefits that I know of for vouching for you & pulling you off the wait-list. So if someone else vouches for you & let’s you in before me that’s totally cool with me. I’m only offering to give you my cell # & do this as my way of being extra cool to you because you’re one my subscribers. 🙂

UPDATE: I had someone request to join and I didn’t see them on the wait list and I think it may be because their phone number was not saved in my phone before I setup my account. Therefore, the workaround I mentioned above may not work.

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