The Never Before Told Story of Cesar L. Rodriguez

I’ve never told this version of my story before, but because so many fans of my trainings have asked me where I developed my skills from I figured I’d shoot this “Tell all” video sharing my Full Story.

After watching this video you’ll see why it is that I know what I know, how I developed such strong prospecting and closing skills and how you can too.

You’ll also hear the CRaZY backwards story of my journey from “Loser to Lead Machine, from Coach to Closer, from Job-Free to Time-Slinging Employee, and finally from Founder & CEO to Servant.

On a personal note, I’m into a lot of other things other than business, I’m very passionate about God, my incredible family, my awesome girlfriend, personal growth, working out as well as playing sports Primarily Soccer, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball Surfing.

Also, if you’re the competitive type you definitely don’t wanna ever challenge me in Ping Pong, Mario Kart on Nintendo Wii, or Connect Four… for some weird reason I happen to be really good at those games. LoL!

I could probably tell you more about who I am and what I’m about… but I figured why bother telling you, when I can just show you through this fun little slideshow compilation I slapped together a few years ago.

If a picture is worth a thousand words… get ready for several thousand words. Enjoy!

I hope these videos did a decent job of explaining a little bit more about who I am what I’m about in a fun sort of way.

Hopefully, by now you’re feeling like you know me a little better than you did when you first got to this page.

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The Heavy Hitter training series is 7-Days of Hard Hitting Training Videos emailed to you each day teaching you The Secret Lead Generation, Prospecting, & Closing Techniques I’ve used over the years to get me where I am today as well as help several other people I’ve coached and worked with to hit the top level of their company and compensation plan.

Cesar & Tanya BMW pic

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