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New App Clubhouse, is going viral. Here’s why…

There’s a new social networking app called Clubhouse: Drop in Audio Chat that’s going viral & taking the world by storm. Usually I don’t get excited about new apps or social media platforms because I already feel like I spend too much time on social media as it is, but after a week of testing…

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I don’t have the time objection

Learn how to eliminate the I don’t have the time objection & several other top Network Marketing objections before they come up by using several powerfully effective & subtle scripts, stories, & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. If you’re in Network Marketing & have a team, this is the training you’re going to want everyone on…

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⚠️ Controversial: How to Make The BIG Money in Network Marketing! What Top Earners Don’t Tell You. 🤫

If you’ve been in network marketing for awhile you’ve probably been told things like success is a numbers game, exposure is everything, talk to more people, and my personal favorite network marketing trainer myth… “The fortune is in the follow-up”. In this video I’m going to show you why believing this commonly told myth can…

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what it's like to be a minority in america

What it’s like to be a Minority in America. NO Excuses, NO Guilt Trips, Just Facts.

The honest, raw, and “no pulled-punches” educational video every white ✊🏻, black ✊🏿, brown ✊🏽, and blue 👮‍♀️ person needs to see to begin to understand the Black Lives Matter Movement, as well one another during this these times. If you’d like to educate yourself on the issues and better understand where others who aren’t…

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See me Speak at Top Earner Academy & Get an Epic Bonus!

I’ll be speaking at an event this June and I wanted to invite you to come out and see me along with several other top speakers and network marketing industry trainers. The event I’ll be speaking at is the prestigious “Top Earner Academy Live” event held in Orlando Florida. In case you haven’t already heard…

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The “Kids Objection”

If you’re in a business where parents have ever used their kids as an objection or excuse as to why they can’t do something, then what you see in this post will help you re-frame that person’s mindset on their kids forever. From now on anytime someone says any variation of “I can’t, because of my kids” you need to send them to this post. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it… or their kids will.

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Committing! The No B.S Secret to Success! *Hardcore* -Locker Room Style

Spend 5 minutes in the “Locker Room” with Coach Rodriguez while he gives you a “The No B.S True Secret To Success!”. Not the widely publicized version that you’ll hear most people sharing. This has got to be, by far, the strongest in your face video ever made about what it takes to be successful! This video will have you either very fired up or very pissed off.

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Cesar Rodriguez Highlight Reel and Audience Reviews!

This is a 5min highlight reel of a recent Super Saturday Training Event with Special Guest Speaker Cesar L. Rodriguez. It shows clips of The intro, The Grand Finale, and what other people said about his performance and training.

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The Economy Isn’t the Problem! Why People are Broke and Jobless -My Rant

The Economy is NOT the reason so many people are broke right now! Too many people use “The Economy” as their scapegoat for their current lack of financial health and truthfully the economy isn’t the problem. Money didn’t disappear, it’s just moved from where it used to be.

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