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Videos designed to motivate you and get our blood moving!

How to stop building like a sissy. Yes, I’m talking to you!

All too often I talk to people that are broke and struggling and yet they have all these rules about how they want to build their business and approach people. They don’t like doing this or don’t want to do that, or they prefer to do it different way because it’s “more them” and what…

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Cesar Rodriguez and the #1 Cause of Failure: Destination Thinking

This video is Hardcore, in your face, and the reason why most people aren’t successful! Once you understand and eliminate Destination Thinking you will find yourself making major progress and getting major results right away!

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Your Success-The 3 Words That Are Killing it!

Are you guilty of saying these 3 words? If so it’s probably the root of your lack of motivation and procrastination. This video will give you a jolt of motivation to prevent you from ever slipping back into the negative habit pattern of believing the future is a better time to get started than the present. And if there is no better time to start than the present, then you’re going to get started right away, which will will cause you to have a very bright future ahead of you!

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Hardcore Motivation Training! Becoming Unstoppable!

Become UNSTOPPABLE! This Hardcore video will teach you how to become INSANELY MOTIVATED by transforming Emotion into Energy, Negative into Positive, and Criticism, Skepticism, Doubt, and Adversity into Fuel! Cesar from gives you a locker room talk that you will surely never forget!

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No Excuses! The Ultimate No Excuses Testimonial! -B10xB in Business

The Ultimate No Excuses Testimonial! -B10xB in Business. This is the strongest testimonial ever! This college kid was def living in the 10 Times Bolder Zone when he started his business with only .53 in his bank account! Talk about leveraging the banking system and rules!

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Full Potential- A Quick Tip to Help You Reach Yours!

Did you ever feel like you were meant for more? Something bigger, better, or maybe just different? If you’re struggling or not fully realizing your full potential in life this video could contain the reason why.

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No Excuses Training

Many people in life have no idea what it is that’s holding them back from success in every area of their life. It’s one word. It’s something you can decide to eliminate immediately but it takes time to cultivate the habit to keep from going back to it. If you can master not clinging to it, Money will find you & chase you down in abundance for the rest of your life.

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Mindset for Success -Super Regional

Are you going through some hard times? Challenges? Do small fires keep popping up around you? Does it feel like the universe is launching an attack against you? Here’s what you need to know! Watch this now! (This clip was filmed at the a Southeastern Regional Event for our company. This is a short clip on the mindset and attitude one needs in order to cultivate success.)

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Vision Board Training

Live training of me going over my personal vision board. Learn the ins and outs of what a vision board is, how it works, how to make one, and what it will do for you. A vision board is like a “Visual Goals List”. It is a collection of pictures, images, and affirmations of things you desire to possess and goals you wish to achieve. Creating a vision board & constantly staring at the objects of your desire activates the Law of Attraction and before you know it you become a magnet for opportunities that will those objects into your possession.

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