Hey There, Welcome to my page! To let you get to know me, I could go on and on about myself and write an entire novel about my full story and what I’m about, but I figured you didn’t want to read it any more than I wanted to write it so instead here’s a quick video and a few pics and cliff notes of who I am what I’m about.

Watch the video below and feel free to scroll down below and learn more about me. 🙂

Who I am, and what I’m all about!

I’m def all about Working out! I’m hardcore into fitness and used to definitely be defined as a gym rat. However about a year ago I discovered the P90x at home workout and it changed my mindset. I turned my house into a home gym and now do P90x as my primary workout and I’m in better shape than I have ever been in my life. It’s funny because I used to be skeptical because I only saw it advertised on infomercials so like most people I put it into the “Hype” category and didn’t take it seriously. Sometimes when things look to good to be true they are, but sometimes, they’re not. This was the case with p90x and the business I started 10yrs ago is responsible for all of my success today.

Below you’ll see me training in the gym and to the below that pic you’ll see me training at home to the P90x at home DVD workout.

(Click any of the pictures below to enlarge them)

I love EATING! I’m not talking about eating out and at fancy restaurants. I eat different. I eat like a muscle head. Because I’m into working out and bodybuilding my staple meals are chicken, eggs, and protein shakes. Below you can see some examples of how I eat!

Below you can see the massive amounts of chicken I cook for myself when I throw on the oven mitts and get busy in the kitchen. You’ll also see me eating massive amounts of turkey with my friends and devouring steak with my little sister. =)

Being Puerto Rican and Dominican, I def have Caribbean blood so I’m naturally drawn to water, That’s why I love the beach and live in two Beach Cities. I live in both Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. Two of my of my favorite past times include going to the beach and ripping up the waterways with my two Sea Doo Jetski’s! If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, hit me up and maybe I’ll take you for a ride. 😉

Don’t let all the water talk fool you, I love the beach and I love the water, but I’m not afraid to play in the dirt and mud either. If it goes fast and is a little dangerous count me in. I’m def an adrenaline junkie at heart. Below you can see me riding ATV’s and Ziplining upside down.

Sometimes, I take the extreme to the extreme and end up getting hurt, as I did on my ATV adventure. I nearly broke my collar bone and 3 ribs when I hit a jump going way too fast and ended up flying off my ATV. I ended up getting hurt pretty bad, but luckily no broken bones. I didn’t get the full range of motion back in my shoulder for about 6 months which hurt my workouts, but it was a blast and I have no regrets! This pic shows me icing my collar bone on the road trip home. Haha! Good times. 😉

I’m hardcore into Sports as well. Not watching them, but rather playing them. I don’t watch many sports on TV, I’m more of a player than a spectator. I can play almost anything and can handle my own in just about every major sport and even a few of the lesser mainstream ones. =) I’m not a superstar in most, but there are a handful of sports you, that if you played, you probably wouldn’t want to see me on the opposite team because I am a fierce competitor and very deadly in. Those sports include, Soccer, Baseball (now that I’m older it’s turned into softball), Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee (My new Favorite sport), Ping pong (if that’s even a sport), Knock Hockey, and Super MarioKart on Wii. Okay, the last 2 are not technically sports, but if they were, you def wouldn’t want some. LoL!

Btw, If you know what knock hockey is I def want to see a comment from you below, because that’s something I played in summer camp about 20yrs ago and am curious to if that game was everywhere or just in NJ. =)

Below you’ll see me in a team picture with my Ultimate Frisbee squad and playing Volleyball in my backyard with some friends.

I love to Dance! I don’t do it much because it’s hard to stay out late and go to clubs when you have a packed schedule and have to workout the next day, but when I do, you will def find me center stage ripping up the dance floor doing everything from popping and locking to raving to break dancing.

Below you’ll see me standing in the middle of and hanging out with America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1 Champions Jabbawockeez. You’ll also see a pic of me doing a little Break Dancing on stage at a fashion show I was in. Everyone always wonders if I’m good friends with the Jabbawockeez crew and how I got a picture with arguably the best dance group in the country. So here’s the quick version of the story. I don’t know them real well, I only met them once. I went to an ABDC concert and went up on stage during intermission to participate in a dance battle to win backstage passes. Naturally, I won by crowd applause and was dubbed the people’s champ so I won the back stage passes and got a chance to meet all the crews and that’s where I snapped this picture. I’m standing in the middle with the white hat. 😉

Traveling. I don’t just talk about it, I actually do it. Every year I travel all over the place. I prefer beach destinations and the Caribbean. If your interested in seeing where I’ve been check my facebook or some of the other pics on this site. 😉

There’s a lot of other stuff I enjoy doing for fun, but really there’s too much to mention. For short let’s just say I believe in living life to the fullest and experiencing everything I can and sharing those experiences with others. If there’s anything else you want to know about me, just hit me up I’m an open book and very transparent. =)

Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know you were on this page. I’d love to network with you and learn more about you and what you’re all about. I’d be curious to see what we have in common and what you’re into. 😉

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