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How to Make a Vision Board from The Secret-a Simple, Fast, Cheap, and Easy How to Guide!

This is a quick and simple 4min video on how to create a Vision Board. The Term Vision Board was made popular in the book and movie The Secret is visual version of a goals list. Vision Boards are a must for anyone serious about achieving their dreams and goals in life. This video breaks down what it is, why you want to make one.

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How to Prospect Like A Headhunter!

In this video you will learn a new style of cold market prospecting that Cesar L. Rodriguez has coined and called “Headhunting” Headhunting is a very fast and direct style of prospecting in which you pull no punches, play no games, and expose your prospect as if you were a corporate headhunter or recruiter. This is Cesar’s most popular training on prospecting and it is a very advanced training not suitable for everyone.

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Committing! The No B.S Secret to Success! *Hardcore* -Locker Room Style

Spend 5 minutes in the “Locker Room” with Coach Rodriguez while he gives you a “The No B.S True Secret To Success!”. Not the widely publicized version that you’ll hear most people sharing. This has got to be, by far, the strongest in your face video ever made about what it takes to be successful! This video will have you either very fired up or very pissed off.

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Make Money Fast -Building an Autopilot Closing Machine Team!

Stop working so HARD!! Just because something you’re doing works, doesn’t mean it can’t be done faster and with less work! Also, a lot of what most people do “that works” isn’t always duplicatable and duplication is more important that immediate success. This video will turn you into a master of duplication and teach you how to make more money in less time!

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Why You Suck at Setting Appointments! w/Vanilla Ice

How to stop sucking at appointment setting! Are you tired of getting stood up for appointments? Are you tired of people breaking promises to you? Are you peaking your prospect’s interest decently, but then losing them in the followup? If so then this is the video for you! In this video you’ll learn how to work less, yet MASSIVELY increase your closing percentages!

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How to CRUSH IT at your Weekly Meetings!

If you’re in a Network Marketing or MLM business Please, Please, Please, Stop PROMOTING YOUR WEEKLY MEETINGS the way that you probably are!! Watch this video before you ever consider inviting someone to your business briefing again! This is the Ultimate Training Video on How to Use and EXPLODE your Local Business Opportunity Meeting the Right Way!

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How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting

Believe it or not, approach anxiety is normal and even the best of us experience it. Most leaders in our industry don’t want to admit openly that they too feel fear from time to time when it comes to approaching others, but in this video Cesar gets vulnerable and shows how even he gets paralyzed by fear and how he overcomes it.

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Success in Your Business-Using Technology To Break Thru Plateaus To Make More Money!

In this video you’ll learn how to use Technology and Cutting Edge Tools to Breakthrough Plateaus in Your Business! If you’re a leader or, in sales, network marketing, or any business where you sell or market anything or have people that do, you can’t afford to miss this video.

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Increase Motivation! A Super Cool Commercial I Starred In =)

Crank your speakers and get ready to increase motivation! This is less of a commercial and more of fully fledged movie trailer. This video will def get your blood moving!! If you’ve viewed any other videos of me before you’re probably used to seeing me be a ham, but this one will increase motivation! This…

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Activity in Business Means Results! Why You’re Failing in Business – BAR System

Boot Camp Training Series -Bar System! The Bar System holds the secret to key to you success in business and explains why you’re not getting the results that you are. If you’re wondering why you’re not where you want to be in business you can diagnose it really quick by using the BAR System. This video tells all.

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