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How to Quickly Persuade Anyone!

If you’d like to learn one of the most effective methods for quickly persuading someone to do what you want them to do or to believe what you want them to believe then you’re gonna love this post & video! Let’s start off by being 100% honest with each other… Don’t you think that life…

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How to become successful by cesar l rodriguez

How to become successful, even if you’re broke & have a crappy job!

If you want see me mercilessly shred someone‚Äôs excuses on camera while giving you the instruction & direction you need to become massively successful, even if you’re broke & have a crappy job, then you’re gonna love this blog post & video! Would you like to learn how to go from broke and struggling to…

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Eliminate Rejection Still

Eliminate the Fear & Pain of Rejection (NLP Story & Mind Hack)

Imagine being able to walk and talk without fear and remain unshakable and unphased in the face of rejection or possible rejection. Imagine being able to approach anyone and having no attachment to the outcome and never losing a “pep in your step” or any enthusiasm if the person you’re talking to isn’t interested in…

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How to close analytical people still

How To Close Analytical Prospects Who Ask A Million Questions!

Ever wonder what to say to and how to close those analytical prospects who want to nitpick every little detail about your business, act skeptical, and ask you a million questions only to wind up leaving you with a “I’ll think about it” or “I gotta do more research” type of objection? If so you’re…

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Video Still

2 Huge Tips & Mistakes When Overcoming Money Objections & Closing!

Ever have your prospects give you money objections and say things like “I don’t have the money” or “I get paid in 2 weeks I’ll join then“? If so you’re going to love this video on overcoming money objections and closing. In this video I share 2 of the biggest mistakes I see both newbie…

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How to Dress when Cold Market Prospecting

How to Dress When Cold Market Prospecting

Ever wonder how to dress when cold market prospecting? If so you’re gonna love this video and these tips! And For those of you that are dressing like my mentor Larry & I used to dress, after watching this video don’t be surprised if you make the tweaks I recommend and you find that… ……

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No Excuses Motivation

No Excuses Motivation Featuring Tanya Aliza

If you’re looking to get the most out of your opportunity and/or put an end to any money problems you may have, then this is the video for you! Be advised that my wifey, Tanya Aliza from is about to GO OFF on a Rant that may make you temporarily uncomfortable, but it’s done…

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How to prospect and recruit during the holidays

How to Prospect & Overcome Objections During the Holidays

In today’s video you’ll learn how to slice through your prospect’s lame holiday objections & have them eager to want to take a look at your product, service or business opportunity immediately, instead of telling you some lame line like… “Get up with me after the holiday season.” It’s not that they don’t have the…

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Never let anyone be hungrier than you B10xB

Never Let Anyone Be Hungrier Than You!

At 21 years old, I was what you would consider your stereotypical “broke college kid”. I was working a GNC store in the mall selling vitamins and supplements part-time, going to school full time, and I had an internship working at a coliseum as an event coordinator. Don’t ask me how I did it all,…

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The Rank Up Challenge

Tanya & I want to help you hit the next level in your company so passionately that we’ve put together a contest where we’re giving away an epic vacation for two! And to help you win it, we’ve put together a comprehensive 8 week coaching & mentoring program you can participate in that would cost…

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