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FTV vs Vemma Still

FTC attacks Vemma. Thoughts and advice from a Top Industry Trainer

FTC Attacks Vemma… The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is attacking Vemma, a well established company in the Network Marketing / MLM Industry. Is the FTC’s investigation well-founded or is it a witch hunt? First off let me say that I’m not affiliated with Vemma in any way. I’m not a rep and I’m not a…

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Prospecting Tips – What to say and what not to say!

In this live-stream training I originally filmed on the “Periscope by Twitter” app you’ll see me sharing cold market prospecting tips on… What to say and what not to say when cold market prospecting… When it’s smart to small talk and build extra rapport with your prospect before asking talking biz and asking for their…

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If you’re struggling and getting beat up, here’s why.

If you’re encountering massive amounts of rejection, getting stood up for appointments right and left, having people join your business only to quit days or weeks later, then what you learn in this video may be an eye-opener and game changer for you. What you learn in this video may contain the answer you’ve been…

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Have Posture Slide Featured image

My Top 4 Network Marketing Recruiting Tips!

Fourteen years ago when I was first recruited into the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Industry at the age of 21, I pretty much sucked. I made a list of 100 people, pretty much all the friends and family I had at the time, and every one of them turned me down. It took me…

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How to reframe prospects who give research objections and try to beat your opportunity.

Have you ever had anyone do research on your company or opportunity, whether it was online or by talking to someone else, and then come back to you sharing with you every piece of negative information they heard or found in an attempt to beat up your company or opportunity? If so you’re gonna love…

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The time is gonna go by still

The Time is Gonna Go By Anyway (Excuses or Results)

I’m gonna keep this post pretty simple and about as short and to the point as the message in video below is. In this video you’ll hear a quick message and hear a philosophy that’ll help you to hit your goals, eliminate distractions, and stay focused on what’s important in life which is getting results…

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Brute Force Strategy Still

The Brute Force Strategy! How to Bleed Results Out of Your Business!

In this video you’ll learn what I call my “Brute Force Strategy” which when implemented is guaranteed to help you close more sales, recruit more reps, make more money, and trigger immediate results in your business fast… despite your current skill level. What I share in this video is the mindset, attitude, and philosophy I…

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suck it up and step it up image still

Suck it up and Step it up! How to Develop the Mindset of a Beast!

If you want to win big in business and win big in life you need to develop a super strong mindset… the mindset of a champion. In the short and fiery 4:19 second video below you’ll discover 2 steps, that if you follow, will help you develop the attitude and mindset you need to conquer…

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How to Get Over your Fear of Approaching Others when Prospecting. – Great Example!

If you’ve ever felt fear, anxiety, or apprehension when it comes to starting up a conversation with a complete stranger then you’re gonna love this training video! In this video I share my number 1 tip to helping anyone go from being a sweaty palmed nervous wreck when it comes to approaching others and starting…

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prospecting tip video still

Prospecting Tip – What to say when people only give you their email.

Have you ever prospected someone who felt uncomfortable giving you their phone number and instead only wanted to give you their email? Well although they’re essentially “blowing you off” don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us. It used to happen to me a lot back in the day until I discovered why…

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