The harder You Train The Easier The Game

The harder you train, the easier the game!

Whatever your game is… Sales, Network Marketing, Sports, or whatever… “The harder you train, the easier the game.” What I mean by that is the harder you train yourself the better you’ll become and the easier “The Game” will seem and feel to you because as we all know, success is when preparation meets opportunity.…

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Why is there an investment? Answered. Featuring Cesar’s Sister!

Do you ever feel a little nervous or anxious when you get to the part in your presentation where you mention how much the investment is to get started with your business opportunity?… C’mon be honest. I know I used to. Heck when I was new I used to wish joining my opportunity was free…

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Prospecting Tip: How to Become More Charismatic & Outgoing

Fact: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Because of this, one of the fastest ways to get better at prospecting, closing, and recruiting more reps is to increase your likeability. Let’s face it, people like charismatic outgoing people who can make them laugh. In the video below you’ll learn how to become…

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DSC_0460 - Version 3

(One Question Survey) What type of training do you want from me?

I just created a quick one question survey to help me determine what types of training videos YOU want to get from me this year. This is pretty important because it will determine the content I’ll be focusing on creating this year. So help me help you by clicking on this post so you can take this one question survey. Click the Continue Reading link below…

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How to be a stronger closer… “A mental tweak”

If you wanna be a stronger closer let me share with you a quick mental tweak and behavior modification you make that will help. Let me first start by sharing with you some insight to one of deepest core psychological needs.

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Secret to goal achievement

The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

In this video I lay out a simplified and workable formula for achieving any goal in record time! I literally take you around my house to show you real life examples of goals I had, have now achieved, and share with you the sacrifices I made in order to achieve them as well as give you a peak at one of my vision boards.

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Miami Heat Game

Personal Development Lesson Right Here! Me, Live at the Miami Heat Game!

I was recently in South Beach and decided to get tickets to the Miami Heat Game against the Detroit Pistons! I recorded the final seconds of this epic battle live from my iPhone and there’s a pretty incredible personal development lesson to be taken away from it! You’ll love this video!

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Strengths Finder Test pic

Strengths Finder 2.0/Personality-Watch This Video and Take This Test ASAP!

The key to finding success in life and success in everything you do is to discover your natural talents and strengths and then work on getting them even stronger! Watch this video and take this Personality/ Strengths Test Now! (The results of this test may very well change your entire approach to this business and change the way you design your life from now on)

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How to Increase Income with Activity Trackerâ„¢ Live Demo! What I Spent Over 2.5yrs Patenting & Developing!

The Real Story behind the worlds first fun, free, and easy online sales activity tracking tool! How I revolutionized the sales industry by creating a fun, free, and easy online activity tracking tool that will increase any sales person’s numbers by 333% in less than 60days!

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Overcoming Adversity

Training on How to Conquer Adversity, Obstacles, & Distractions. Understanding adversity and developing the mindset necessary to embrace and overcome these obstacles.

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