Never let anyone be hungrier than you B10xB

Never Let Anyone Be Hungrier Than You!

At 21 years old, I was what you would consider your stereotypical “broke college kid”. I was working a GNC store in the mall selling vitamins and supplements part-time, going to school full time, and I had an internship working at a coliseum as an event coordinator. Don’t ask me how I did it all,…

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The Rank Up Challenge

Tanya & I want to help you hit the next level in your company so passionately that we’ve put together a contest where we’re giving away an epic vacation for two! And to help you win it, we’ve put together a comprehensive 8 week coaching & mentoring program you can participate in that would cost…

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how to handle haters and dream stealers still

How to Handle Dream Stealers & Haters Like A BOSS!

Want Two EXTREMELY Powerful Scripts for Handling Dream Stealers & Haters Like A BOSS!? If so then you’re gonna LOVE this video and blog post! When delivered properly these approaches will have you shutting down and re-framing anyone who dares to try to come against you and your business with their hater words and dream…

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Motivation To Step Up Now!

Looking for some Motivation to Step Up, Get up off of your A$$, and Hustle like a BOSS? Well then this video might just be what the doctor ordered. Warning this video get’s a little fiery and passionate, but it’s out of love. Be advised. I just want you to live your dream lifestyle and…

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Epic Training on Persistence. How bad do you want it?

The next time you’re struggling to achieve a goal remember the video and message below. Every time the skater in this video misses his mark, he experiences pain… actual physical pain, not just mental pain and frustration… although he experiences that too. However, take notice of his attitude. With each failure he learns, grows, get’s…

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FTV vs Vemma Still

FTC attacks Vemma. Thoughts and advice from a Top Industry Trainer

FTC Attacks Vemma… The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is attacking Vemma, a well established company in the Network Marketing / MLM Industry. Is the FTC’s investigation well-founded or is it a witch hunt? First off let me say that I’m not affiliated with Vemma in any way. I’m not a rep and I’m not a…

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Periscope Video Still

Prospecting Tips – What to say and what not to say!

In this live-stream training I originally filmed on the “Periscope by Twitter” app you’ll see me sharing cold market prospecting tips on… What to say and what not to say when cold market prospecting… When it’s smart to small talk and build extra rapport with your prospect before asking talking biz and asking for their…

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If you’re struggling and getting beat up, here’s why.

If you’re encountering massive amounts of rejection, getting stood up for appointments right and left, having people join your business only to quit days or weeks later, then what you learn in this video may be an eye-opener and game changer for you. What you learn in this video may contain the answer you’ve been…

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Have Posture Slide Featured image

My Top 4 Network Marketing Recruiting Tips!

Fourteen years ago when I was first recruited into the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Industry at the age of 21, I pretty much sucked. I made a list of 100 people, pretty much all the friends and family I had at the time, and every one of them turned me down. It took me…

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Are You Making This HUGE Mistake?

I rarely talk to a person who’s struggling in their business who isn’t guilty of the mistake I talk about in the video below. If you’re making it, it’s killing your growth and your business and you need to stop doing it immediately! Anytime I point out this massive mistake and error in judgement someone…

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