Top Earner Academy Live

See me Speak at Top Earner Academy & Get an Epic Bonus!

I’ll be speaking at an event this June and I wanted to invite you to come out and see me along with several other top speakers and network marketing industry trainers. The event I’ll be speaking at is the prestigious “Top Earner Academy Live” event held in Orlando Florida. In case you haven’t already heard…

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Prospecting Tip: How to Become More Charismatic & Outgoing

Fact: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Because of this, one of the fastest ways to get better at prospecting, closing, and recruiting more reps is to increase your likeability. Let’s face it, people like charismatic outgoing people who can make them laugh. In the video below you’ll learn how to become…

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DSC_0460 - Version 3

(One Question Survey) What type of training do you want from me?

I just created a quick one question survey to help me determine what types of training videos YOU want to get from me this year. This is pretty important because it will determine the content I’ll be focusing on creating this year. So help me help you by clicking on this post so you can take this one question survey. Click the Continue Reading link below…

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How-to-get-new-reps-started-faster 65k

How to get reps started and confident faster

You’re about to learn one of the easiest, yet most overlooked steps you can instantly add to your initial “getting started training” process with all of the new reps you bring on board that will boost their confidence, amount of calls they make, and the results they get from those calls.

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Vision Board still

How to Make a Vision Board – My Private Dreams, Goals, & What I’m Lusting After in 2014 Revealed

Okay some of this is embarrassing, but I really want you to hit your goals this year so I’m gonna bare all! Now before you say it, let me admit it up front, a few of things you’re about to see in the video below where I share my innermost goals, secrets, desires and the things I lust after are a bit corny…

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How to be a stronger closer… “A mental tweak”

If you wanna be a stronger closer let me share with you a quick mental tweak and behavior modification you make that will help. Let me first start by sharing with you some insight to one of deepest core psychological needs.

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how to motivate yourself still image

How to motivate yourself and your team to make calls and prospect

Guess what, motivation is temporary. That’s why most people won’t achieve their new years resolutions and goals, but not you… not this year. ;-) Why? Because in this blog post and video you’ll learn my secret to creating momentum and unlimited motivation on demand.

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prospecting posture video still

The Best Posture for Prospecting #DraftingMindset

Are you prospecting or drafting? Do you ever feel timid, scared, or insecure when it comes to approaching people? If so it’s because your posture is off and you don’t yet have the “Drafting Mindset”. This training will give you the “drafting mindset” you need to succeed and will…

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My new company huge announcement still

My New Network Marketing Company – Yup, I changed, here’s the story…

Two months ago I made a decision to join & aggressively build a new company. The decision wasn’t easy because I’ve been with the same company for over 12 years, but it was worth it! I still have my original biz & team & without recruiting any of them I’ve built a second team of hundreds of people from scratch & have helped several of them duplicate my success. Here’s the full story…

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how to feel more powerful in your approaching

What you’re missing if you ever feel nervous or scared to prospect, approach, & close people.

Most people have no idea what they have to offer and approach people with from a position of weakness and timidity. This training will not only fire you up and motivate you like crazy to be bolder and less bashful in your prospecting, approaching, recruiting, and closing, it will help you to understand and unlock the real benefit you

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