How to Craft The Perfect Pitch #Target Case Study

In this training you’ll learn several tips on how to transform a lame presentation into a short, snappy, question based conversation that converts prospects into buyers like crazy! You’ll discover a very common mistake most people make in sales and why you may need to “ditch your pitch” and replace it with a more custom…

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Get Tough Training! How to become tough, fearless, & not care what others think.

Have you ever felt scared or intimidated to approach or call someone? Ever felt paralyzed by fear or scared of what someone might say? Ever gotten crap from skeptical friends and family? Has it ever knocked the wind out of your sails and affected your enthusiasm and focus? If so, then you’re gonna love today’s…

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Why is there an investment? Answered. Featuring Cesar’s Sister!

Do you ever feel a little nervous or anxious when you get to the part in your presentation where you mention how much the investment is to get started with your business opportunity?… C’mon be honest. I know I used to. Heck when I was new I used to wish joining my opportunity was free…

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Video Still people quitting

People Quitting Your Team Fast? Watch this! + Epic Announcement

Ever sign someone up only to have them call you a day or two later to tell you that they quit. Well in this video you’ll find out exactly what to do and how handle that. =)

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How to Handle Rejection… A MUST See & Share Video!

If you lack talent, experience, contacts, and credibility, but you learn how to handle rejection and adopt the mindset I teach you to in this video, you’ll not only make it to the top, you’ll do so in record time! How do I know? Because I didn’t have talent, experience, contacts, credibility… or a lot…

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Buying Philosophy still

How to Master Prospecting, Recruiting, or Closing by Adopting My “Buying Philosophy”

This is one of those posts that you’ll want read every word before you watch the video below. In the video below I’m going to share with you what I call my “Buying Philosophy” and how it allowed me transform myself into the person that I am today. But before you watch the video below…

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How to Hit Your Income Goals Fast! | The Goal Setting Formula & Mindset You MUST Have!

There are many different types of goal setting trainings and I’ve made other videos on the subject before, but in the 5 minute video below I wanted to focus on how to hit whatever type of “income goal” you set for yourself and how to act…

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Top Earner Academy Live

See me Speak at Top Earner Academy & Get an Epic Bonus!

I’ll be speaking at an event this June and I wanted to invite you to come out and see me along with several other top speakers and network marketing industry trainers. The event I’ll be speaking at is the prestigious “Top Earner Academy Live” event held in Orlando Florida. In case you haven’t already heard…

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Prospecting Tip: How to Become More Charismatic & Outgoing

Fact: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Because of this, one of the fastest ways to get better at prospecting, closing, and recruiting more reps is to increase your likeability. Let’s face it, people like charismatic outgoing people who can make them laugh. In the video below you’ll learn how to become…

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DSC_0460 - Version 3

(One Question Survey) What type of training do you want from me?

I just created a quick one question survey to help me determine what types of training videos YOU want to get from me this year. This is pretty important because it will determine the content I’ll be focusing on creating this year. So help me help you by clicking on this post so you can take this one question survey. Click the Continue Reading link below…

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